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Reach for the Stars Award Program recognizes the hard work, creativity, research of content and hours of work that goes into creating a superior web site that stands out above the rest.  The "STARS" Award is a small gesture of appreciation for all that hard work involved in creating an excellent website.

The Reach for the Stars Award Program offers a gold, silver and bronze award to award those websites with excellent design, content and easy navigation.  The award program is open to both personal and commercial sites as long as they meet our criteria and have a link to their award program on their homepage.

The Stars awards are intended to honor those webmasters and webmistresses who devote countless hours and hard work to give something back to the internet web community.  Webmasters and Webmistresses who continually work to improve their site. 

These awards are not a "give away" and if you earn our award, be sure that you have a web site that stands out from the mass.  If you do not win the first time, please review your site for how you can improve your site.  You are welcome to re-apply after changes have been made and 60 days has passed.

Should you not win our award, it does not mean you don't have an outstanding site, it just means you do not meet our criteria set our for the Stars Award. 


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