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Download free animation and clipart categories listed below.  Click the category to take you to the first page of each category.  The animation and clipart are all in the same categories.

All pages are heavily loaded so be patient as they load. If they don't all load please refresh the page. These gifs are full size and not thumbnail for easy viewing.

Beware these images have been protected so you must download to your hard drive and not direct link to this site.   Not copying to your hard drive and then pasting your image to your website will result in the image not showing up when you make your website live. If you don't know how to download the images click here to learn how.


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Avatars   10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes) NEW  10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes)         

Animal Animation

Angel Animation

Bullets, Arrows, Buttons and more

Baby Animation

Birthday Animation

Cat Animation

Online Shopping for your Pet

Car, truck and motors

Children Animation


Christian Animation and Clipart

Computer and Office

Dog and Puppy Animation

Funny Animal Videos 10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes) NEW  10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes)

Online Shopping for your Pet

Easter and related Animation

Email Animation

Eyes Animation

Farm and Barnyard Animation

Free Stuff on the Net





Guestbook Animation

Halloween Animation and Clipart 10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes) NEW 

Houses,Buildings and Landmarks 10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes) NEW 

Household Things

July 4th Animation

Line Animation

Love and Valentines

Miscellaneous Uncategorized Animation

New Years Animationn

People Animation

Political Animation   10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes) NEW  10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes)

New Privacy Information

Real Estate


Under Construction

Smiley Face Animation

Sports Animation

St Patrick's Day

Thanksgiving 10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes) NEW  10anidot2c.gif (5903 bytes)


Valentines Day

Wedding Animation

Wizard and Sorcerer Animation



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